#F1 Polls: Driver of the Weekend – 2015 FORMULA 1 CHINESE GRAND PRIX


Who was your driver of the 2015 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.


32 responses to “#F1 Polls: Driver of the Weekend – 2015 FORMULA 1 CHINESE GRAND PRIX

  1. I’ve seen #MV33 execute more memorable overtakes in 2 races than Nico Rosberg did in his entire F1 career.

  2. Gave it to max. But it was a dull race so anybody who did anything could be racer of the day…

  3. Button should be voted 2nd best driver of the day. He delivered some beautiful karmic justice to Maldonado.

  4. Easy one, Hamilton. Always in control.

    Uh, Max made some nice overtakes, but in the end it’s a DNF. This is what I mean when I say those not fond of Lewis are unusually incapable of giving credit where it’s due.

    • @KRB I’m a Hamilton fan, but I still have it to Max as he really brightened up the race for me. Taking nothing from Lewis, but he only had to manage the pace, no wheel to wheel action for him. It’s asks for “driver of the race”, not “who is your favourite driver.”

      • It’s not driver of the race, it’s driver of the weekend. Re-read the title. Maybe you should reconsider your answer.

    • Hamilton can only lose the way I see it. Everybody slaughtered vettel for winning in the best car, why should it be different for hamilton? I mean he still has to do it that’s for sure but everything below P1 is under his capabilities with this car. And the fact that he does is it is showing that he has got what it takes. But young verstappen does things that not many people gave him credit for before the season ( except the Dutch, of course. But they are always champion before anything starts, little did we know that he would baffle us all) I mean this is a kid! Think back what you did at the age of 17… I am excited for him to come to Europe on tracks that aren’t tilke.

  5. 1. Max for his moves 2. Button for fighting so hard out of the points and providing entertainment 3. Lewis for Head £$%^ing “Her Whiney Whingebag” ~ “it’s not good for the team snuffle snuffle” 4. kimi for almost getting his Mojo back

  6. Are the Dutch taking over the polls again? 🙂 The kid drove an ok race, but come. On. Hamilton for me. Not so much for his drive (which was a fine one), but for the way he managed to piss off is teammate that early in the season and get under his skin. See post race press conference.

  7. This is a poll for best driver ovet the whole weekend, not the race. Seriously how can anyone argue Max Verstappen was best driver of the weekend is beyond me. Personally I give that title to Hamilton: fastest in P1, P2, P3, Pole, Racewin, fastest lap and Grand Slam.

    But Verstappen was better???

    • Max Verstappen will win this poll 19 times this year. Every race sunday the netherland top the charts in views. All the 346 remaining days it’s the UK. Do the math.

    • It appears the Hamfosi are regularly being outgunned by the Dutch army. Who would have thought it?

      Our polls are showing, A 17 year old kid is favoured above the British double F1 world champion driver – week in week out.

      • That is thinking with national pride not logic. Which explains some of the comments here 🙂

      • Had to snicker at the term ‘Dutch army’, because I met them once in 1993 in Emmerich. There we were, German sapper unit and a Dutch one from Utrecht. The longest hairs on our bodys were most likely located in our underpants while the Dutch had several guys who wouldn’t have looked out of place at a Metallica concert. It was hillarious.

        • That was probably the last year obligatory military service in the Netherlands Fat Hippo. Nowadays the Dutch army are all professionals and have haircuts accordingly ;-P

    • Your argument doesn’t make much sense, since you would just give it to the winner of the race each week. That makes the poll superfluous.

      This poll is about best driver, not best performer. The difference is that a good driver can exceed his cars qualities and Verstappen did so. Lewis drove to his cars capabilities. He did so very well, but nothing more.

      • I have no idea what you are talking about. “The poll is about the best driver, not the best performer”. What is that even supposed to mean? Also the poll clearly states “driver” not “performer” of the weekend. You are making things up to fit your views. You are not truthfully answering the poll.

        The weekend was totally dominated by Lewis. He smashed all his opponents and nobody could touch him. He had it all under control right from the word go. His car setup was perfect and he made no mistakes whatsoever. You may argue that in the race some guys did some more spectacular racing, but it still is a driver of the weekend poll. What you are proposing sounds more like a popularity contest to me.

        Also a driver can struggle throughout the weekend and still claim the race. In that case you could argue for other drivers to be driver of the weekend based on their performances during the weekend. A poll like this is not superfluous in such a case. However Hamilton’s performance last weekend doesn’t come much better in any F1 weekend.

        Lastly, no driver in the known universe can exceed his car’s qualities. That’s like saying you can go faster than light. You can drive to the limit of a car’s qualities, but not exceed them. Doing so would inevitably result in a crash or at least an off track excursion.

        Aapje: you are obviously Dutch. Can it be that your reasoning is a bit colored due to the fact that you have a Dutchman in F1 again?

        • The difference between best performer and best driver is the technical qualities of the car, the performance of the pit crew, the strategy decisions made by the management, etc. These are usually not something the driver can strongly influence.

          The issue with Lewis is that he drives a car that is simply much better than the opposition in these conditions, so a good result is expected. So the bar is much higher for him than for a driver like Max, who has a lack of power, mediocre brakes, little experience on these tracks, etc. Nevertheless, Lewis is 2nd in the poll and that is fully deserved. He did very well, just not exceptional. The question is really: why you are so upset that Lewis is ‘only’ second in the poll (which is still very good)?

          “However Hamilton’s performance last weekend doesn’t come much better in any F1 weekend.”

          I think I identified the problem: you see Formula 1 as a procession to the finish. Many people want action: overtakes and defending. I fully understand that you may have a problem with that, yet a poll like this is about what the majority wants.

          If Rosberg had attacked Hamilton, Lewis could have shown more than his tire-saving skills, which is simply not rated highly by most people. Then he probably would have garnered more votes.

          PS. You are obviously a Hamilton fan, could your reasoning be colored yadda yadda yadda….two can play this silly game.

      • It doesn’t mean it goes to the race winner. But racing for the win lends more weight to a performance than racing around in 8th. The stakes are higher, the pressure is greater. Lewis always managed the gap, always had an answer for Nico, and apparently made it look so very easy, when it was anything but.

        It is true that to date my DotW would have been the three race winners so far, but it wouldn’t always be the case.

        • That is a fair argument. But riding in front (with the best car) is also easier in modern Formula 1 since you ride in clean air and do not have to fight other cars.

  8. I am not Dutch or British and there are several like me that think Verstappen overtakes were more entertaining the whining Mercedes Duo. Kudos to Ferrari for bringing Ross Brawn style strategy back to entertain F1.

  9. Just for giving his team mate a nervous breakdown, Lewis Hamilton, just before the return to Bahrain, where Nico got beaten up least year

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