#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Romanians in the cupboard


The rowdy gang is back in the podcast shed. The follicularly challenged – and therefore slightly distressed – host has his hands full to restore order as the panel again features the trigger-happy Project Manager, who refused to stop shooting at the Hippo.

Also on the panel is Nutella-addict and local expert for racing kitchen appliances – Anil. Completing the crew is TJ13 noise and official documents expert Mattpt55 from the distant shores of The United States Of Americaland.

Also featured is Sir Andrew Jacobs Earl Of Huntley, who in his well-known soothing, impeccable aristocratic baritone entertains his subjects with a well-crafted recitation of The Comment Of The Week. Later in the show the Earl’s illigitmate son AJ joins in live from the scene of the crime in Abu Dhabi.

A special thanks to BlackJackFan for inspiring the opening of this podcast.

This week’s Artist is Northband with “Hand That Bit The Apple“.

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15 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: Romanians in the cupboard

  1. The hippo said he walked 50km both ways to school….. Did he arrive just as the bell went to end the school day?

  2. As ever an amazing job guys, for what it’s worth my favourite cartoon is Family Guy (and I’m 38), they offend EVERYONE without exception.

    On a slightly more serious note, I listen through headphones and I think possibly that 1 or 2 of the voice levels are slightly high as there is a slight background waffle when people speak. Just offering some constructive feedback, as the content is second to none.

  3. Great podcast guys, I really enjoyed it. I was always partial to Daffy Duck myself. Love that wacky guy.

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