#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: I can Shoot People in South Africa • November 13th, 2014


This week our host Spanners discuss the Brazilian Grand Prix and Jenson Button’s possible departure from the sport…  Just how good is he really and will F1 miss him?

For this week’s topics the panel is yet again Adam, Hippo, John and Matt although Adam finds that life as a student has it draw backs… especially when your flatmate starts streaming movies and it affects your podcast!

This week’s artist is Jim McGowan with his song Only the Good Die Young. The ex “We Were Kings” front man, part of the band when they won Scottish Hard Rock 2014, took some time out to do a short interview with Richard and John. Please have a listen and leave a comment or two for the artist.

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6 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: I can Shoot People in South Africa • November 13th, 2014

    • People are listening on feeds direct to their podcast apps. We have had just over 42,000 unique devices take the feeds since we started putting the podcast up on podbean/Itunes etc…. 10 episodes ago

      Also some new site commentators who found thejudge13 on Itunes.

      We are also ranked highly on Itunes ‘new and noteworthy’

      It’s horses for courses, we have a significant facebook following who rarely visit the site, site commentators who don’t use twitter, twitter followers who visit the site occasionally – and podcast listeners who defo haven’t visited TJ13 much, but take the podcast feed every week.

      As a social media project, we are creating communities across as many SM platforms as possible – with some crossover, but at times people just prefer the one medium of their choice to interact with thejudge13

      • Thanks for setting me right….that’s pretty impressive I must admit.
        Thinking out loud, wonder if any of Bernie’s carer’s read this site?

        • …there are many interesting F1 folk who do read TJ13 – and we are not aware of them – until after months – they reveal themselves.

          The style of the Podcast is intended to be different from the rest of the F1 offerings. In line with our principal that it is the voice of the fans, it attempts to convey an entertaining broadcast where a group of F1 fans sit down to spend some time together, banter with each other and talk about Formula 1 – all in an irreverent and non deferential manner – not taking it all too seriously.

          The participants are offering insights into their own lives on an ongoing basis, which hopefully people can relate to – because none of them are wannabe, starstruck F1 paddock hopefuls… neither are they deluded by the bubble which many F1 folk live within.

          AHJ told me he was talking to a race team member recently who reads TJ13 – and his comment was – “You fuckers have nailed it. F1 is not what everyone thinks it is – particularly when like me you live on the inside”

          All of us here at TJ13 love F1, but we are capable of seeing it for what it is – and at present – the farce is almost too difficult to exaggerate.

          • I’ll persevere with podcast then Judge, haven’t made it thru one yet but will keep trying….
            As to your last para, well, I share your sentiment.

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