#F1 Polls: How would you rate the 2014 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX?

2014 F1 US GP Austin

How would you rate the 2014 US Grand Prix? Please use the comments to tell us why you voted the way you did.

26 responses to “#F1 Polls: How would you rate the 2014 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX?

    • That was F1 and a bit of rallycross rolled into one, Grosean seems to have forgotten that he’s driving a F1 car.

      • he’s just not driving a one billion dollar car. His steed was developed on a shoestring budget and they gambled on strategy. I think he was one of the stars of this race and as much as I hate to say this, Maldonado, too. Putting the Lotii where they finished was a splendid job.

  1. Today’s race was very entertaining. There actually was a race between Hamilton and Rosberg, the 2nd stint won it for Hamilton as he found pace that he clearly didn’t have in the 1st stint. And Ricciardo and the Williams kept them honest, they didn’t run away with it. Best overtakes probably go to Ricciardo down at Turn 1.

    I particularly enjoyed the action when Button was holding off that chain of 3-4 cars. And also him against Alonso was good fun, I think the combination of the tyre choice and strategies made up for a good race, so I gave it a solid 7 out of 10. It was fun to see Button get overtaken by that chain of cars eventually. Vettel had a monster-stint at the end and nearly got to 6th but he ran out of laps.

    As I am typing this, the podium interview is happening and it’s clear Hamilton has strong support there. Very glad that Hamilton won, despite getting absolutely pwned in qualifying. In yesteryears Hamilton would have tried some crazy banzai move down and taken himself out of the race but it seems he has somehow learnt to calm down and look at the big picture. He needs that, going into the last 2 races. His race-craft is helping him get the wins on race-day even if he gets his ass handed to him on Saturdays.

    Good race this, much much better than Sochi, there was racing at all levels.

    • Just throwing it out there….

      But could he be sacrificing qualifying speed for race speed? Because of all the races that they’ve started 1-2, come race day, he seems to always have the better race pace.

  2. Gave it a 9, some top class action by pretty much all the drivers at various stages of the Grand Prix. I have to be honest, I didn’t really miss Caterham or Marussia, I feel a bit guilty for that but it’s the truth.

  3. What has been funny about this race, and it is a-typical of this year, is how everyone has always known that Nico is the cerebral type who can save fuel, and look after tyres, and maintain good race pace, but Lewis is unbeatable over one lap… right?

    So Nico has shown serious single lap pace (yes I know about LH’s brakes, fires etc) but still, Nico can put a lap togther like a boss, but Lewis has shown hes a master a fuel saving, and has done a decent job of stint management this year too, and overall seems to have the race pace and race craft.

    Seb seems to have had his regular strategy shafting again, and still got decent points; he’s better of out of that place, good luck to him at Ferrari. Decent result for Dan, some good racecraft from that lad. Great stuff off the Lotus pair, shame Grosjean had his suspension battered, and shame for Kyvat too, I reckon he’d have had a stellar finish without that bit of debris. Alonso can drive anything, lets see what he is actually driving next year!

    • LH commented near the beginning of the year that he could find time by lifting off the throttle and braking later. Drag increasing with speed would suggest there is a ‘sweet spot’.

      You’d think if there was a driver on the grid at the moment who could find that spot intuitively in each braking zone it’d be Lewis.

      That Danny Ric ain’t bad either…

    • “Seb seems to have had his regular strategy shafting again”

      Oh, yes, sure. And Horner (together with Newey) used just enough of their magical invisible maintenance substance—borrowed from our favourite Leprechaun—to shaft Seb’s car for only half a GP, when the invisible substance duly evaporated prompting all the gremlins to spontaneously disappear into thin air, and lo and behold: Seb’s car is alive again!

      And no traces of shafting, bruising or mugging will ever be uncovered by the FIA post-race checks!! Yay! Now Horner can sleep peacefully knowing that, in a race in which Seb could pose no credible threat to the the finishing position of Danny boy, he managed to willy-nilly throw away constructor’s points and dispense of the positive PR of a strong recovery drive of a RB from the back of the field. And all, yup, you guessed it, to spite Seb!

      Oh, and when did this witch hunt begin, you ask? But of course, from before the beginning of this season, when Seb was a pain in the arse by almost singlehandedly handing RB 8 straight titles in 4 consecutive years. That must really have pissed Red Bull’s managed off! The bloody bastards!

      • Oh, and lest we forget, Danny seems to have had his regular race start shafting again. Red Bull’s management duly used only one tiny, nano drop of that same magical invisible maintenance substance to shaft Danny boy’s start. You know, for good measure. Red Bull always likes to get negative PR from the poor performance of their cars!

      • Your tone is very combatative and patronising landroni, but also lacking a bit in reading comprehension, or is deliberately using a straw man argument.

        I said STRATEGY shafting…. as in a poor strategy call… not some conspiracy or sabotage nonsense, which I rarely believe. I think RB once again made some silly strategy calls on Sebs car, which shafted him. End of, if you want to paint some other silly conspiracy on, then go ahead, but it isn’t what I said.

        Not that they were out to deliberately hobble him, but having got into that, then no I just don’t think they are that bothered by his performances, and are as a result a little more lax or adventurous in trying strats, which is making a mess more often.

        If they had run M/M/S as they clearly planned to, and just stayed on Meds during the safety car he would have made a load of places up when everyone pitted, rather than pitting for softs, then pitting for meds again to ‘get them out the way’. It was clear from their race runs that he was going to struggle to one stop post safety car, but a M/M/S race with a few steady laps behind the SC might well have had him a podium, or 4-5th.

        • Adam, my prose wasn’t addressed at you nor even necessarily at what you said, not really. More at the idea being popularized by some posters around here that RB would somehow be witch-hunting poor old Seb from the very beginning of the season, from the very moment that pre-season testing started.

          This said, my dictionary indicates:
          WordNet (r) 3.0 (2006) (wn)
          v 1: equip with a shaft
          2: defeat someone through trickery or deceit [syn: cheat,
          chouse, shaft, screw, chicane, jockey]

          So the way I read it, “STRATEGY shafting” wouldn’t necessarily convey “a poor strategy call” (which I agree that, with hindsight, *may* have been the case here) but more like a “conspiracy or sabotage nonsense”. As in: “Red Bull deliberately saddle Seb with obviously self-defeating strategies”.

          This *might* be happening, but taking each and every sub-optimal performance by Red Bull and Vettel—which some posters do—as proof that RB are hellbent on humiliating Seb weekend in weekend out, from the beginning of this season, feels ridiculous to me. And I am trying to point out the ridicule…

  4. Saw lots of action in this race, it wasn´t boring at all like the RussianGP. Liked how Hamilton overtook Rosberg (he didn´t even fight for it, or he simply didn’t see Hamilton coming) And the usual suspects did their thing like always (aka: Sergio Perez) and almost ruining #Kimi7´s race!

    It was also a race that was packed by fans and celebrities! Good to see that some circuits are doing their job promoting it. (Luckily there wasn’t a boycott, this would have ruined it for the following years)

    • Perez’s move was brainless. I normally have no time for Sutil, but I felt gutted for him today b/c of Perez ruining his race. Hulk said debris from the Perez-Sutil clash also wrecked his race. So well done! Not sure how they decided on a 7-place grid drop for that one.

      I’d like to know how Grosjean escaped penalty for ignoring blue flags when Rosberg was behind him on the last lap.

      • I thought it looked like Rosberg had given up by the time they got to that traffic on the last lap, if he had wanted past bad enough he would have I think. He knew he couldn’t catch Lewis plus they if Lewis had been told “they all fighting for position be careful” then so was Nico for sure, I just think he didn’t want to get punted off at the last minute and risk losing his 18 points as he would be almost put of the WDC given Merc should easy 1-2 the last 2 races.

        • I think Rosberg didn’t want to risk it. He needs all the points he can get, he’s still up for the championship. Let´s see what happens in Interlagos.

      • Who knows how they came up with the 7 place grid penalty! Maybe because Kimi is using #7? jajajaja

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