TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: A Spike up your Arse


In this week’s episode of the TJ13 F1 Courtroom Podcast the courthouse’s Master Of Ceremonies, SpannersReady, tries to tame the illustrious crowd once again. This leader of the house finds himself embroiled in a battle royal arguing the moon landings didn’t really happen.

Making his second appearance on jury duty is the passionate member of the Tifosi, Carlo Carluccio, who is distraught by the fatwa issued and subsequent assassination of the adopted son of the Agnelli family, the eminent Il Padrino. Carlo reveals his Italian blood still rampages through his veins via his revelation he has a penchant for a cocktail called “Slow Screw”.

Another repeat panelist is the Judge’s right hand man and Editor in Chief A.J. Having been put on the naughty step by The Judge for imbibing one too many glasses of Chablis in last weeks recording, he has been “Disciplined” and made to donate to charity – Alcoholics Anonymous.

The voice of Murica F1 returns for his third appearance. Remarkably Matt demonstrates his national heritage does not prevent him from delivering highly insightful observations on the machinations of F1. Even more remarkably, with a deft slight of hand, our friend from across the pond delivers an understatement of most un-American proportions.

Our fourth panelist Adam ‘the mole’ MacDonald shares his experiences of Monza last weekend, though does not reveal his game of ‘spin the not quite empty Champagne bottle’ which occurred later in his hotel. Adam is the master of F1 podcast strategy, as he calls the recording correctly as a one stopper.

We are also pleased to say we are now on iTunes and have a feed available for Android users as well. See below!

This week’s featured track is Wait Your Turn by Avosetta

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68 responses to “TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: A Spike up your Arse

  1. I fu$king new it. Thank you AJ for that news. Of course it will never be enough for some to even say, “hmmmm maybe?”

    I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow Spanner’s and the usual Hamilfosi crew. It’s easy to call ppl paranoid and conspiracy theorists. I knew what I saw then, and immediately posted, and I know what I see now.

    Shenanigans 100%.


  2. So that was the sh!t storming evidence the judge had? Someone at Brackley saying that Nico at some point had to give Lewis a win for what happened in Spa? I’m now legal expert, but you can’t present ‘hearsay’ in a court of law from a third party. I thought that a judge of all people would know that. So I’m sorrry, I’ll need more evidence than, “someone at Brackley confirmed this or that”…. Chinese whisper comes to mind. But we will know if this story is true, if when we get to Singapore, it’s the big talking point.

    So clearly now SIS is puffing his chest like he somehow proved he was right with his theory it was staged? So did they also anticipate that Lewis would have a sh!t start due to technical issues and fall back to 4th?

    Even if Nico had to do what was said, to say that’s what happened at Monza is absurd. Look at the entire race weekend, he was unable to match Lewis, that much is evident, even if he hadn’t made that error, he was toasted anyways. So like Matt said, Lewis should demand a refund, because the moment he got into DRS range, he was going to have him eventually.

    As for the comment i think it was AJ who said he has never seen Nico make the same mistake twice at the same corner, well I guess he missed Monaco, Canada and Austria.

    • ….. Well then you might as well disappear and don’t bother coming back…. Autosport claim ‘sources’ at times. It’s just the way it is……

      We stand or fall by our sources and the correct predictions we make…

      You are out of your mind if you think TJ13 would risk its hard earned credibility on something which in reality is inconsequential…

      Thanks for the compliments on the time and effort spent on delivering the podcast….

      You diminish the value of your contribution every time you speak!

      • You’re joking right? Because I didn’t take the time to compliment the guys on well a presented programme, you’re annoyed? Guess the last 2 times I was complimentary doesn’t count then, right?

        Every publication also use that phrase “our sources” but that doesn’t mean that source is always correct or credible and they too wouldn’t risk their hard earned reputation as well. How many times have we seen or heard the same thing and it turns out that the information is not credible? We see that everyday, even with larger and more popular publications.

        Furthermore, I followed up by also saying….

        “But we will know if this story is true, if when we get to Singapore, it’s the big talking point.”

        That’s not me categorically dismissing your information, but I’m rather reserving judgement. You know like when you wrote the article the LDM was on his way out of Ferrari. It gained momentum and in the end came to light. I reserved judgement then.

        So I think I’ve got the right to reserve judgement and that’s exactly what I’m doing, so feel free to throw a fit, just because I am doing so!

        • …. the opposing case was more than adequately made by spanners – who in fact had the final say… grow up

          One of the values of TJ13 is that we ensure our sources are most valid – you know nothing of what we hear and don’t publish because either it is untenable or would expose our sources….

          We don’t expect unquestionable devotion… but a rational argument against what has been presented – by you – would have been a better offering… rather than your usual bullshit emotional tantrums.

          Keyboard warrior 10 second comments are easy to make. respect the time and effort being made to bring something to the F1 fans no body else is doing.

          • Now who’s throwing bullshit emotional tantrums?

            And what was irrational about what I wrote? I’ve seen others question some of the things you’ve written before, but I’ve never seen you attack any of them the way you have with me just now.

            Like I said, I’m reserving judgement on what was said and I’m well within my rights to do so!

          • @thejudge13…assuming that your sources are spot on…wouldn’t Nico need to throw a few races equivalent to the points Hamilton lost? Or is that to come?….Just curious

          • There is a saying “Curiosity killed the car” 🙂 If the three headed monster that is the Mercedes management team could care to elaborate on what the Nico’s punishment was/is… But they need at least one willing party or perhaps a golden handshake has taken place 😉

          • …Further, engage with the issues. There were over 20 different points made in the debate… you addressed none of them…. just slagged of the ‘sources’. As I said, you will be seen for what you are unless you change your ways… a blind fan with no capability of reasoning… continually required to apologise.

          • What? I reserved judgement then and it paid off, because everything you wrote, manifested itself. Hence my comment on Tuesday…

            “Strike one in the win column for TJ13”

            Or did you forget that?

            And I’m reserving judgement again until I see or hear more about what you’ve brought to us. Hence me saying, “I’ll wait until Singapore to see if this gathers more momentum.”

            If I didn’t appreciate the hard work put in by yourself and the rest of the team, believe me, I wouldn’t be visiting and commenting on the work you have done almost every single day.

            Also you of all people should know, I’m not scared of saying sorry, I’ve done it before when I issued a public apology to you and everyone who visits the site a few months ago, when I made some not so friendly comments.

            Your reply seems to be more out of anger and annoyance rather than just saying ok, “you’re challenging my source and the information given, but I’ll have the last laugh in the end”

            And I wouldn’t have no problem to come back and say yet again…

            Strike 1 in the win column for TJ13 for being the first to break the news.

          • Here are 2 issues or comments that I addressed…

            “Even if Nico had to do what was said, to say that’s what happened at Monza is absurd. Look at the entire race weekend, he was unable to match Lewis, that much is evident, even if he hadn’t made that error, he was toasted anyways. So like Matt said, Lewis should demand a refund, because the moment he got into DRS range, he was going to have him eventually.

            As for the comment i think it was AJ who said he has never seen Nico make the same mistake twice at the same corner, well I guess he missed Monaco, Canada and Austria.”

          • @judge13, you’re acting less like a judge, and more like a king, again. Truly bizarre posts directed at Fortis96.

      • i’m sorry, but you’re sounding like joe saward now judge.

        anyways, i fail to see the scandal. if loosing a race was part of nicos punishment, than that’s well in the rights of mercedes as a team. it is also well in their rights to keep quiet about how exactly they are disciplining their drivers. it might not have been the smartest thing to “hang nico out to dry” in public, but from my impression, that happened because team management was seriously pissed about the incident in spa. so they either felt he did it on purpose, or there was a clear intra team rule on how to behave in such a situation, which he broke. and if you saw nicos face after he got out of the car, you knew he knew he was in serious trouble, and at that point, he didn’t know yet what his bosses said on television.

        so even if it is true that mercedes told their drivers to switch in monza, i don’t see a shitstorm of epic proportions coming up. that is because if that is what happened, it was an intra team decision to right something which many fans consider a wrong. if the fans thought rosberg was a victim, he wouldn’t be getting booed.

        • I think the point is lost here… I agree with you re your sh1t storm comment but the fact that Mercedes says it’s Nico’s fault and we will discipline home by letting Lewis take a win off him… Why not be open about that then?

        • ” i fail to see the scandal. if loosing a race was part of nicos punishment, than that’s well in the rights of mercedes as a team. ”

          Are you crazy? Who gives a shit about Mercedes and their policies. This is a sport, and this is apparently a confirmed story that Nico was told to give the race victory to Lewis. This is a massive race-fixing scandal, and I think it sits right up there with the Piquet Jr Singapore incident.

          • But just because it’s allowed doesn’t make it right, or fair. And Nico is ahead of Lewis in the points – so it;’s not a driver2 make way for driver 1 type of situation. This is the kind of thing that could overshadow the entire season.

    • Hmm, even if you believe that Nico had to give up a win, wouldn’t it be nice to give it back at a track where Lewis was very strong at? So if Lewis is on pole, and will likely just streak away, what to do about that? Mess with the RS sequence, so that Nico can get out ahead at the start. Then Lewis is “paid back”, and it hasn’t really cost Nico anything.

  3. Well, in the written world, the uncivil war seems to have reared it’s head…again.
    Judge do you ever pause to consider ‘hmmm, I haven’t seen ????? comment here for a while, I wonder why?’
    Cause I do. I’ve maybe been on site for around 12 months and there are a lot of names whose comments I looked forward to just not ……..bothering.

  4. a few random thoughts:

    loved this 4’th podcast as well as the previous. all the players were great. looking forward to the next.

    I do think this one was a bit over-hyped. “the respected source” is much appreciated and believable additional news, but hardly ground-breaking based upon what we saw, felt, and then digested in numerous readings since… and the posting delay was excruciating! but all is good! 🙂

    I get the need to expand to uTunes, Mandroid, Twatter, and all that. just please do not forget the basics – it needs to be here first, quick, & easy. by choice, I do not even own a TV or phone or alarm clock. ahh, the joys of freedom and simplicity, a good ‘puter and internet connection 🙂

    seems to be a “given” mantra here that Nico had a lower downforce setup than Lewis. maybe picked up from Sky’s presumption. unless I am delusional, I believe James Allen went on record in a reply as stating a Merc representative told him that both wing angles were identical. or something like that. maybe yes. maybe no. I am certain a number of us would be interested in hearing something definitive regarding this if anyone has a connection.

    keep up the great work. can’t wait to see what pops up in about 5 hours!


  5. “So clearly now SIS is puffing his chest like he somehow proved he was right with his theory it was staged?” – @Fortis96

    Nah man, it’s not like that. Not at all. I do feel a touch vindicated, yes – and why not, but in the main it’s because from the get go, this “Fixing Theory” (for want of a better phrase) just wasn’t possible in any way whatsoever for so many people. I was smashed, which is fine. I’m like an old leather boot and quite resilient. But the vitriol kept coming as the days have gone on in regards to the theory and it’s possibility, and yes, I didn’t exactly have a moderate tone yesterday. But how do you defend yourself or your veiw moderately against some it?

    Anyway, what amazed me was mainly that even as some current and ex-pros were suggesting it, even as some reasonable analysis of the context and the incidents themselves suggested it, even as the poll voting suggested it, that it still was just not possible, whatsoever!? Like it was them being attacked, personally…

    So I went in, yesterday in particular, head first as you may have seen. Debating exactitudes and millitudes of semantics, law, probability, specific words and the like… Fired up, as they say. But trying to remain on topic and amazed at the fact it’s STILL NOT POSSIBLE.

    But still, even in the podcast, it was suggested that apparently there are some who deny moon landings among us… Haha. Same guys as who hold this theory right? Which is totally ridiculous. And then talk from others about us being paranoid minds, coming from pseudo-wannabe-psychologists … Which is a wonderfully effective tactic used by bullies, who ironically are convincing themselves they are fighting bullies. So that further sourced evidence + the attempted bullying of being called paranoid at simply relaying what I saw = my comment above. Not posturing, just a touch of vindication Fortis, a confirmation that at least it’s possible think this theory, to even a reasonable person. In fact, it could be said now that there is enough to suggest that only an unreasonable person would not accept it’s possibility, let alone it’s probability. A big transition from only me and Hippo holding the bucket…

    Anyway, a big thank you to AJ and co for having a pair of gonads and good sources. A big thank you to all who put work into this podcast. Spanners all contributors. I was 100% rabid waiting for it. It’s a nice Segway from life, which for me is a great life, but still this is a nice community…

    …which brings me to Peter Scandlyn’s comment.

    I empathise with your view and I know, in part, I can represent a big chunk of comments. I’ll further try to moderate tone and quantity of my comments… No one likes a loud mouth Aussie too much, I’ll do my best.

    Peace and love, SiS.

    • @sis….

      If it seemed like I came at you aggressively, I apologise, that was not the intentions of my comment.

      But if I may..

      Technically your theory or view that the race was rigged, hasn’t actually been proven to be true. And here’s why….

      The evidence that Aj gave based on the source, was that Nico had to give Lewis a win for the Spa incident. It did not directly say it had had to be at Monza. Also looking at the race and both drivers performance from FP1 onwards, Nico was consistently 2 tenths slower and that was the gap after qualifying.

      You based your theory solely on the 2nd lock up and nothing else that transpired up until then.

      There are so many unanswered questions about what happened, like for instance and they touched on it as well….

      What advised did Nico get on what down force setting to run? I read in yesterday’s issue of Autosport magazine, he was 15 mph slower than Lewis going through the lesmos…

      I know he didn’t run in FP3, but surely he must have seen the data and could compare it to his from Fridays FP2 session?

      The locking of his tyres, first lockup was his front right and left on the 2nd. I’m no racing driver, so you can explain this to us/myself what’s the likelyhood that someone can do that deliberately and is it an easy thing to do? Etc

      @Peter Scandlyn…

      If I in anyway have contributed to you know longer commenting on the site, then I apologise and I too will endeavour to moderate my comments. The more people contribute to the community, the better it is for TJ13.


      No offence was intended in my original post, neither to you or the guys who put in the effort to produce the podcast, just merely questioning the information presented. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the aforementioned “sh!t storming evidence”, it left me a little disappointed when it was revealed. I was looking for something that was metronomical, but it didn’t seem that way to me.

      So you can curse me out all you want, like spanners says, “like a junkie, TJ13 is my daily fix”….. Unless someone decides to send me rehab or I go cold turkey when the season ends.

      • Yep I hear ya Judge. np.

        A fair few cmts though were with my boy Roger, spit boxing all over “Matty from Murica’s” traditional doc write up during the race itself. Not that it changes things though… just saying.

        Even 50 / 1000 is borderline obsessed. I’m that guy. Eek! Nothing like the cold splash… 😀


  6. Handing over the race lead when it was inevitable he was gonna get caught anyway and giving back 7 points out of the 25 lost….
    Yeah that will teach him….f**k me..btw that is not to say I do not believe your sources judge before I am attacked.
    Still no mention on how rosberg effectively fixed the race in monaco by going deep in qualifying…if he managed to make a lockup at turn 1 in monza and if as you say he did it deliberately then why is monaco so different? After monaco all we heard was “oh no, you cant do that on purpose it would be incredibly hard.” But now it has benefited hamilton after rosberg rather flatteringly thought he had something to prove to lewis in belgium, it’s the biggest thing to be done since singapore 09….

  7. Thanks guts and gals for another wicked podcast. Informative, intelligent, insightful, and irreverent. Good length, improved sound quality, structured debate…I really enjoyed hearing all the views and opinions of the panel, and it’s interesting to put some voices to the names!
    I agree with titanracer69 that it would be good to still be able to access it from this site, though, but I guess that if you need to do it that way for the traffic numbers then I could make the effort.
    It was such sweet relief to listen to an hours F1 comment and debate by fans, for fans. Not a McNish or a Herbert in earshot! It got me thinking, are there any plans to do a TJ13 live (audio) commentary during the races?

  8. Thanks a lot for the podcast, guys. Great work. And thank you so much for making it available as a download!

    Some comments:
    – I don’t like the changes in music at each podcast. Personally I liked the choice for the 1st podcast, but none of the subsequent.

    – Judge, please don’t do this again:
    If you have serious and credible sources, please share them with your readers *in writing*. It is much harder to take at face value verbal arguments, and it is more difficult to properly address and discuss them. Moreover, not all will listen to the full podcast (but many more will read the short articles that you put out), so it almost feels like a waste of a good point. Think of the twatasphere, for example: How are they going to identify the relevant hashtag in the audio?

    At least in my view, the podcast should be a *complementary* TJ13 resource, for airing grievances, discussions and fun, while the DN&C should be the main thrust. For example on this occasion you announced electric news from Brackley to be announced in the podcast, and by the time the podcast was actually recorded and diffused, I couldn’t feel any thunder, more like a couple of sparks here and there, but nothing to warm us up..

    – I have to admit agreeing with Spanners that Monza showed that Renault aren’t doing so badly lately, and seem to have mostly caught up. Merc is clearly still the power unit of choice, but the differential between Merc and Renault doesn’t seem as astronomic as it looked like at the beginning of the season. Without a proper pony under their bottoms, you wouldn’t have the Ricciardo’s thrusting through the K Man Merc-powered train, and the Kvyat’s rattling every Merc’s nerves at the end and catching them by seconds per lap.

    – The conspiracy of Rosberg being punished to give away a race win to Hamilton feels very thin. This might have happened, but only might (again, Judge, written arguments please). And as it was pointed out in the podcast, if that were truly the case than how can Woof and the Leprechaun find it equitable that Nico had +18 as a result of Spa, while Lewis only +7 as a result of Monza. Bozo should go back for a refund on that deal..

    • Thanks for that. Intellegent and constructive feedback is invaluable.

      Making a podcast is like writing a song. There are so many directions you can go. You can’t please everyone because tastes are so diverse. The podcast will evolve with its audience as all good podcasts do.

      Re music: I think they have settled on the intro music now. Not my cup of tea either my friend but the judge an PM beat me down.

      Thanks again for your feedback.

    • PODCAST:
      I agree with Landroni by and large, in podcasts it is difficult to find a balance, as you have to feel part of the conversation, and I didn’t in other episodes, I did attempt to engage with twitter comments etc. This one was better, but still difficult. Ultimately its personalities. SiS had expressed previously how he appreciated everyone’s characters, liked them, but its not always going to work that way as we don’t always like everyone, and nor should you guys worry too much about it, but that might be what is putting me off. Motorsport podcase for example, Nigel Roebuck sickens me, so I struggle to listen… not that you guys sicken me! Eek, I don’t mean that, but hopefully you see my point about personalities. I do think trying to stay objective, or properly representing various view points helps to mitigate this, and the best way is to be positive about your own position, rather than dismissive of the opposition (not something Roebuck does), but that still seems to be an issue in articles and content sometimes at TJ13.

      I appreciate the effort you guys go to though, I know first hand what creating and editing podcasts can be like, so thank you, please take this as an attempt to give constructive feedback, however misplaced.

      As for the ‘issue at hand’…

      I’m prepared to consider that there could be some foul play, would never lock that down, and Lewis, like all competitive sportsmen, has shown previously he’s not above some nefarious dealings. In addition I CAN believe this sort of thing of either of them, and Merc, who I dislike quite intensely. There are sources out there, not just Peter Windsor now, who are convinced Monaco was quite deliberate too… The whole team just reeks of it. So my opinion, is not utterly colour by my own open support for Lewis.

      However, I would still cite Nicos brake bias difference, and the fact he locked early in the race, and in the practice sessions, exactly here. I think (supposition here) perhaps Merc restricted his viewing of Lewis’ data, so he was having to do it more old school that usual. As others mention Canada is good precedent for him doing this under pressure too, Lewis has been a couple of tenths a lap quicker all weekend, and I think he was genuinely catching him.

      Lewis himself locked late in the race, but flat spotted and made the corner. Under other circumstances I can see those individuals shouting up and down about Nico throwing this one, praising how he had the intellect to skip the corner, loose a couple of seconds but save his tyres, where Lewis made the turn but trashed his… swings and roundabouts.

      Finally, as the podcast says, that is a piss poor deal, 18 for 7… wtf? Bozo not so good at Math maybe!

      This whole issue, as with Monoco, reeks of confirmation bias on both sides. Despite protestations of objectivity, its no coincidence that those who said Rosberg was pure as driven snow at Monaco and conspiracy was nonsense, are here frenziedly advocating the dark secrets, and vice versa. That goes for media, F1 authority figures (Sir Jocky etc), and commenters here.

      One thing I do know, like Senna and Prosts little altercations, will keep folks talking about ‘the truth’ for decades.

      • The key phrase is ‘confirmation bias’ I’m annoyed I didn’t say that but in my opening statement to AJ That’s what I was driving at.

    • Re: Conspiracy

      I just remembered that at one point in the 3-4 laps preceding Rosberg’s second flight over the chicane, the Sky presenters said something about Rosberg asking his engineer to no longer give him verbal updates on the deltas to Hamilton. Then they made some crack comments on the decreasing deltas distracting Rosberg.

      This would go some way to disprove the conspiracists..

  9. Great podcast, and an enjoyable end to the week. Download to PC is a great improvement. Thanks to all involved.

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