#F1 Polls: 2014 FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX – Driver of the Weekend

2014 Drivers - Melbourne

As the flag drops who do you think was your driver of the weekend? This takes into account not just the race result but the whole weekend. Please give the reason why you voted the way you did in the comments section.

23 responses to “#F1 Polls: 2014 FORMULA 1 ROLEX AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX – Driver of the Weekend

  1. So many to choose from!

    K-Mag for an awesome drive and beating Button
    Ricciardo for managing second – although I wonder if they (or Vettel) had the pace to challenge for a win?
    Bottas – cracking drive, pity about kissing the wall
    Kvyat – another star is born but JEV seem to have him covered

    Vote goes to Ricciardo – such a happy chap and can get the job done as well.

    • Pretty much this, I also was a bit gutted to see Lewis have an issue from the get go, I’d have like to have seen him and Seb have to issues, so we could really get a bench mark on how good Dan’s weekend was, and also keep Nico honest.

      I voted Kev because we had a bench mark on him, and he did not put a foot wrong, but I wish I had 2-3 more votes too. I’m certainly very pleased to see Dan making a good start at RB, and Kvyat and Bottas delivering well, and Hulk still up there on form, its nice to see there is a bright future for F1 and its not all pay drivers as you’d be forgiven for believing with the rhetoric and hyperbole that perpetually surrounds that issue!

  2. Great drive from Ricciardo, and Bottas also, not counting that slide and its damages

    another classical japanese driving lack of ability from kobashitty, just think if instead hitting the back, hits someone else’s car in the middle of the monocoque … stupid

    and regarding this, analysing Bottas pace, FM was robbed of what could be a podium result

    • What were you expecting of Kobayashi when he arrived at the first corner with no rear brakes?

      As per the official website:

      “However, having reviewed technical data provided by Caterham, the stewards determined that the incident was ‘caused by a serious technical failure completely outside the control of the driver’. “

    • Massa was also at fault for being collected, i.e. if he made a better getaway he wouldn’t have been vulnerable to being taken out from the rear. Most likely, it then would have been Bottas in that situation (BBC commentators thought it was at first, and so did I).

    • On the monocoque.. if a car hits there, it’s pretty clear that you will now just shovel the car infront, like Kobayashi did to Massa. Back to the drawing board for those FIA noses… Something you probably didn’t notice with your ‘classical lack of perception’.

      • you have a lack of perception to notice that I wrote hpurs before stewards cleared him, anyway, I don’t remove a single thing I said about japanese driving abilities

        and about blaming Massa, please, don’t be silly, maybe you hate him and you are trying to force the situation, not fair

        despite a flawed jump, which was not usual, as he is fine at the starts, he had nothing to do with that car coming from behind

        • regarding what I said about the monocoque, if it hits in a sharp angle, by no means it would shovel or lift, it would be terrible

          and if in fact it lifts there’s a huge risk of screwing the helmet into the other car’s floor, something that even Newey is worried about

        • I knew you wrote it before the brake failure was discovered, but I disagreed with your stereotyping.

          On Massa – I simply meant that if he was further up around T1, then he wouldn’t have been taken out. If Bottas had more space in front of him, then he could have braked later and then was more likely to be taken out by the flying Caterham instead. It always takes two to tango (e.g. if you don’t put your car at risk, it cannot be hit by others). Massa was very good at starting in the Ferrari, with both he and Alonso usually picking up positions on lap 1.

          Monocoque-wise.. I share your concerns about drivers being hit in the helmet, and concur that most likely it won’t happen in most circumstances (but perhaps in certain others).

          Also, I agree that on pace, Williams could take it to McLaren. This means Massa and Bottas (with no puncture) fighting with Kevin and Jenson in the race – which turned out to be 2nd and 3rd.

  3. Off topic: Watching the TV coverage either the new cars.
    Yellow nose – Red Bull
    Silver mouth – Mercedes
    Red mouth – Ferrari
    Silver dick – McLaren
    Blue dick – Toro Rosso
    Black dick – Force India
    White dick – Williams
    Didn’t really see the others…

    I’m off to find a therapist.

    DotD : K-Mag. Props to Riccardo though.

    • While we’re off-topic, I associate Lotus’ nose with… the opposite sex.

      Make sure to find a good therapist now. 🙂

    • LOL funny stuff.

      The correct name for the Ferrari nose is “dust buster”.

      They say that an ugly car will seem beautiful if it’s fast but I think it’s clear that the Ferrari is neither. Time to cut off that nose and make it look somewhat graceful.

  4. I voted for K-Mag too…great start, held it all together during those first few corners, got close to Daniel, held off Button…

    I was really happy for Nico to win – I’m sure his car was good enough to be miles ahead but he didn’t push. Loved Daniel coming second. Was glad Kimi managed to get points despite the car not handling well at all. Kvyat got a point too! Actually, I think everyone in the top 10 drove really well!

    I’m sure time sped up because the whole race seemed to take only 10 mintues where as the whole day waiting for it seemed to take a week!

    • Also Kevin for me
      Must be a bit gutting for Nico to win by a country mile and then get beaten in the polls by a teammate who lasted three laps!!!!

  5. Ricciardo for me, all things considered over the weekend. He didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend, had fuck all off season testing, qualified 2nd only to Hamilton and his super duper uber Mercedes whilst beating Rosberg in a car that wasn’t working at all only a few weeks before. Outclassed Vettel in the wet. In the race he beat Hamilton off the line and secured second place in a dry race where all the cars around him were Merc engined beasts. Plus he did what useless Webber couldn’t do. Stand on an Aussie GP podium.

    • Wow. Off the Vettel bandwagon and onto Ricci’s after only one race?

      (Is the start of banned JAonF1 commenters flooding here BTW?)

      • Dumb comment.

        Was never on the Vettel bandwagon. I think he’s a top driver, deserves his results, dusted Webber and that’s it. That’s why, for me, Ricciardo got DotD because he beat Vettel in quali who is so good.

        Also I am not banned on JAF1. I make many comments there and have many responses by James and others.

        Finally I’m not on the Ricciardo band wagon, he just did very, very well IMHO.

        Question; isn’t it my job to be the agitator around here?

  6. Magnussen for me and such a humble but confident post race interview. Probably no fault of BBC but no interval race stats at bottom of screen -hopeless!

  7. Kobashitty? Useless Webber? These people are better at driving fast cars than you will be at doing anything. Ever. Take your crap commentry from this website and don’t come back. Do not turn TJ13 into what pretty much every other F1 website has become.

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